Clinically Dead Game

 You are dying.
Oxygen level in your brain drastically drops down.
You are seeing all your life, flashing before your eyes.
You are no longer on earth. You are unconsciousness.
For everyone else this is the matter of seconds, but for you this is taking forever.
Experience the couple of seconds adventure, relatively stretched to infinite time.

It will happen eventually to all of us, but Mr. Samson is the guy who has no luck today – he’s dying. He is falling into his own mind and each next second is taking longer and longer. At the beginning, the first second felt like three seconds. The normal time was slower for him than for others. The next second one was like five minutes. He had very much time to rethink his life. For everyone else this is the matter of seconds, but for him this was taking forever. Finally the last second of his life on earth was stretched to the infinite time… and this is when we are starting our adventure. The adventure where you are moving through 4-dimensional system. The space and the time are connected here and you are free to move not only in three directions (width, height and depth) but also in the fourth one – time.


Key Features:
  • 4-dimensional maps – height, width, depth and time – the spacetime.
  • Glitchy, inhomogeneous connections between point in space and time.
  • Non-linear Metroidvania like style gameplay.
  • Creepy feel – it’s not a horror game, but still creepy as we like.
  • Combination of FPP platformer and puzzle game.
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Download screenshots and logos (zip 70MB)

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