Ugly ragdolls

Or, as you like: parts of body joined with hinge from bullet. Textures are not suitable for this dolls it could look better if I have had special textures of face, t-shirt, shoes… but I didn’t have so I picked almost random. On video you can also see new feature I added recently:  saving created models to file for later usage (here, the model is the group of 9 ragdolls). This possibility is very helpful while creating game levels.

volcano eruption

Nothing magical here. It is just lots of dynamic rigid body circles composed on small amount of surface. Power of bullet engine don’t want to objects overlapping, it makes impression like particles under pressure. Finally everything blow up together with the small, nice  house near the volcano

Ice brick smash

Hello, here you got a little preview of abilities of szengine. I have recorded video with ice brick on it which contains 900 small rigid bodies. Enjoy!

About blog: here i will be posting progress of my applications. In future you also will be able to read some tutorials

hello world

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