volcano eruption

Nothing magical here. It is just lots of dynamic rigid body circles composed on small amount of surface. Power of bullet engine don’t want to objects overlapping, it makes impression like particles under pressure. Finally everything blow up together with the small, nice  house near the volcano

3 thoughts on “volcano eruption

  1. Impressive work. It looks very good. This is a sample of your engine combined with Bullet, am I wright?

    A tak w ogóle to fajnie, że masz blog 🙂 Brakuje tylko odnośnika do rss, ale to da się ominąć łatwo. Powodzenia w pisaniu!

    PS Wolisz komentarze po polsku czy angielsku?

    • exactly, my engine is written on Bullet engine. But this scene, in video was made in editor which I am developing now to simplify process of map creation. For example, instead writing manually all objects like : createPolygon(vertices, mass, friction, restitution, texture, …) you can choose by clicking, texture, mass and just draw polygons you want, then save to file. Comments in English please, let’s give the whole world chance to understand 🙂

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