sound, springs, trees and bushes

Ok, at last my game prototype has audio. To achieve that I used SDL_mixer which has quite easy api, and with this wasn’t problem. More difficult part was to determine when certain sound must be played. Of course I am not writing here about trivial cases like player jump, or when player shoots than play “boom” sound. The difficulty is in physics based sounds because of collision ambiguity.  I created two types of physical sound:

  • first is  impact sound e.g.  when box falls to the ground
  • second – sound of scratching e.g. when some object is sliding on ground

All this you can hear on video (sound was recorded little too loud, so there are some defects )



On the video you can also see upgraded graphics. Adding some plants can really refresh game appearance,  they don’t have physical body they can be displayed behind or before player (hiding places). They are only purely cosmetic aspect.

The last new thing is the spring implemented from bullet physics engine, which may have various frequency of oscillation.

Now I must think about player improvement. I am thinking about creating him legs or feet 🙂

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