upgraded logo and GRIMIND alpha v0.3 release


My friend Marcin Dragan updated logo for me, previous one (letter “M”) was too similar to monster energy drink (link lol). Actual one is perfect for me, thank you Marcin. And it’s final logo ( I don’t care about similarity anymore)

Also the game itself got update. Version 0.3 contains the same level as before. But there are few changes, mostly added because of your feedback(thanks a lot):

  • added possibility to pause game, return to menu etc.
  • now player can die/drown if he’s too long under water
  • reduced heaviness of the player, so he’s now easier to control
  • when player stays too long in shadows or dark area, then he starts to be scared. You can feel his heartbeat and disturbed breathing
  • annoying cut scene is shown only once
  • fixed grammar mistakes

mirror: http://www16.zippyshare.com/v/90778184/file.html

And one more thing: I plan to complete whole game to the end of this year, so it could be possible to play GRIMIND during New Year’s Eve party (link related)

7 thoughts on “upgraded logo and GRIMIND alpha v0.3 release

  1. Still requires admin privileges to run, that’s the most annoying thing for me. And I managed to drop a box from a ledge by jumping on it. Actually, when walking on top of the box, it slides a bit on the ground. It probably has something to do with friction settings.
    Anyway, keep up the good job!

  2. Played it yesterday, didn’t I? And I was really impressed! Grimind looks very nice and gives you the feeling of playing a challenging game. I can mention something about scary little red eyes, interesting riddles and surprises hidden everywhere, but the truth is – you should see it for yourself.

    Good job, Szaman! 🙂

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