GPU colliding particles in Godot engine – example

Recently I was at GodotCon 2019 where I was giving a talk about the GPU particles that collide with the terrain, you can find this talk video stream here
Lots of people liked the presentation and asked for demo. So here it is.
I created very simple scene just to show the basics. Just a simple sprite where the transparency defines the collision areas and the particle2d node. Also simplified the particle shader – all custom magic happens there.
You you can download Godot project here (should work on version 3.0 and up)

If you make something nice based on that shader, please share it with me.

Working on the new game!

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Working on the new game! Not sure what it will become but for sure it will have destructible environment. Here is the video of gpu colliding particles with dynamically modified terrain. Grimind was 2D and the view was from the side. Clinically Dead was 3D first person perspective. So the new game will have 2D top down view. I’m also changing the game engine to Godot engine which I like so far (Urho3D was cool but Godot seems like the best option for 2D)

Short clip from Clinically Dead


Yup, the game is still in development. We also will be on Digital Dragons 2017.

Here is the short teaser from the game, so you could see how the game looks in current stage.

Please note that because of very high noise and color changes in the game, the youtube video is kinda blurry.

Watch at least in 720p




Oculus rift support

I managed to get the Oculus Rift virtual reality goggles work with Clinically Dead. The results are great. Immodestly, I have to say that Clinically Dead is one of the best VR experiences I ever had. I also shared my implementation code on Urho3D forums. For now as plain code and instructions, but maybe in the future I will make some pull request to the official Urho3D repository. Stay tuned and in the meantime, I will work some more on the game.

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New website, new game in development

I decided to create my brand – “Mogila Games” under which I am going to develop the games. I hope you like the new website. The old blog is not active anymore.

Also, if you hadn’t noticed, I’m developing a new game called “Clinically Dead” which is 3D FPP Adventure Puzzle Game with a creepy feel and 4 – dimensional maps(sounds crazy) the fourth dimension is time and you can travel freely through it. The game cast you as guy called Mr. Samson who is dying and all gameplay happens in few seconds before actual death timepoint. All that short time is stretched into hours because time no longer matters after death. Read more about the game here.

I also changed a bit the way I create the games. In Grimind all of the engine code was written by me, and I can say that it was fun and very educational, but it was taking too much time. When creating Grimind I spended more time on creating game engine than the actual game. So I had to choose if I want to create games or game engines. The choice was easy 😀

But, I’m not going too far from my home made engine as I decided to use Urho3D engine which is MIT licensed so I can modify source code for my needs. From my experience Urho3D is awesome engine and has small but very helpful community. If you are game developer and you are looking for great multi platform(Windows, Mac, Linux and more), free(MIT) game engine then definitely check out Urho3D

Stay tuned. More info about Clinically Dead soon.