Steam release, game update and Bitcoin

Great news. Grimind is now available on Steam (Windows, Mac, Linux) and it comes with significant updates:

1. Player dynamics changed – I think that is the most important change. now it’s easier to move the character because it has reduced inertia.

2. Xbox 360 controller support – the game can be played with Xbox gamepad. Unfortunately I managed to implement this feature only on Windows.

3. Rebindable keyboard keys – this potentially was an issue for non qwerty keyboard users. Of course they could always play with arrow keys, but I can imagine that could be uncomfortable. Now it’s fixed.

4. Puzzles are now slightly changed to be more intuitive.

5. Steam achievements added.

I also added possibility to purchase Grimind with Bitcoin. I will see if this is worthwhile, now I’m processing all Bitcoin payments manually. If you know better ways to accept bitcoins or automate it somehow, let me know. Check it out on

12 thoughts on “Steam release, game update and Bitcoin

  1. Hey man

    I just bought the game for Mac and I am having a problem with my cursor. It is constantly moving to the left. Any idea what the deal is? Just bought it off steam.


    • Hi,
      It’s not clear for me why it is happening. But, do you have maybe some gamepad plugged to your computer? I noticed that for certain Mac’s, the gamepad like xbox pad doesn’t work correctly, that’s why xbox controller support is windows only. Sorry about that and let me know if unplugging the gamepad(If you have one) works.

        • Glad it worked.
          I was unable to create gamepad support on Mac, sorry about that. It’s because my engine I used was very inconsistent regarding gamepad signals across the win mac and linux platforms, so finally I decided to drop the support for mac and linux.

  2. Wow, the game looks beautiful. It’s great that you are offering a Steam and Desura key, I wish it was always that easy to make the decision to buy.
    I am interested to know how difficult it was on the technical side to add in the Steam achievements you mentioned in your post?

    • Hi, thank you for kind words. I’m glad you like the visual aspects of the game, even if this is just my “programmer art” 😀
      Implementing steam achievements was pretty easy. I just needed to add about one line of code for each achievement. For example:

      if(player hitpoints < 0.1) showAchievement("life on the edge");
      if(player position in secret area) showAchievement("secret room 1");

      So in code you are identifying the achievements with the text like "secret room 1" then you need to configure on steam developer website an achievement named exactly the same identifier and additionally you add some funny text to it and small image which shows when achievement is achieved.

      • Thank you for replying and thank you for the information. It sounds very straightforward, actually even easier than I could hope for.
        If that really is “programmer art” than you put many of us to shame! Good job!

      • It’s “then”, not “than” – I do know how to spell, it just doesn’t always make it down to my fingers. And it drives me nuts that there is no edit function and I can’t correct it now! 🙂

        • No problem, I understood what you meant. I probably made even more typos and grammar mistakes in my game as I’m not a native english speaker.
          I don’t mind giving a steam key for you 25R98-R35A2-869R? Just replace the ? with the letter “D” at the end of the code(protection from bots). But probably, nobody is looking here in the comments so 😀

      • Thank you very much for the key! Haha, I jumped in my seat the first time I did 🙂 The controls are very nice btw, very smooth and responsive. (I played with a game controller, so no idea how it would play with keyboard and mouse).

  3. Hi there, I just got the game but I am only able to play it with about 13 FPS max on Windows 8.1 when I disable my internet connection. Otherwise, the game slows down until I get 4 FPS. My GPU can run games that require a lot more power than Grimind, and the game runs in 60 FPS until I start playing it. It also works fine when it is paused. Any workaround? GPU: Radeon HD 8670M 2GB Processor: Core i7. BTW, I have sent you an email about this issue.

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